How does the Rebate Bonus work in Sportsbook?

OKBET Weekly Rebate Bonus

As part of OKBET’s weekly rebate incentive, players will earn 0.3 percent of their total wager from the previous week. Each player is eligible for a minimum rebate cash bonus of 10 PHP and a maximum rebate money bonus of 5,000 PHP. The higher the Rebate bonus, the more bets the player places. The refund is automatically credited every Tuesday. The OKBET refund is calculated from Sunday to Monday of the preceding week. Customers must wager on athletic events with odds of at least 1.50 to be eligible for the bonus.

How to Join:

*Here’s where you may sign up for OKBET.
*Before making the first deposit, double-check your account.
*Make a minimum deposit into your account, which also used to place a bet.
*Place a week’s worth of bets. OKBET will refund 0.3 percent of the total amount.

1. All players must register with OKBET.

2. Complete and accurately fill out the registration form.

3. Verify the account and make a deposit.

4. Place bets on your favorite athletic events with odds of at least 1.50.

5. OKBET will assess all of the previous week’s wagers every Tuesday and also provide a return cash incentive of 0.3 percent of the stakes up to 50,000 PHP.

6. A minimum bet of 1.50 odds required to qualify for the refund bonus.

7. The bonus will only apply to bets made with real money.

8. The wagering requirements will not affected by refunded bets.

9. The offer includes bets made with the currency account.

10. If a customer violates the bonus regulations, OKBET reserves the right to cancel, alter, or refuse to credit the bonus.

11. Accounts with the same address, email, phone number, credit/debit card details, and other information will not be eligible for rebates.

12. Before crediting consumers with rebates, OKBET maintains the right to request additional confirmation of identity.

13. The wagering requirements will not affected by a returned bet at 1.00 odds.

14. The total value of the rebate cannot exceed 50,000 PHP.

15. General OKBET Terms & Conditions apply.

What does Accumulator of the Day mean in Sportsbook?

The accumulator bet is consistently one of the most popular types of betting for bettors due to the excitement of several selections. It combines their chances for a potential of enhanced rewards. The gamblers try to predict the outcome of numerous matches in a test of skill and possibility. Football has become synonymous with accumulators. Also, the betting companies provide big promotions.

What is an accumulator bet?

An accumulator bet is a gamble in which multiple selections are uniting into a single wager. All of the picks must be correct for a player to win. The accumulator provides much higher odds than placing the picks as singles. Each of the several single bets included in an Acca must win to earn a profit.

Because the odds are stack to give the bettor more value, if one of your selections fails, your entire accumulator bet loses, posing a greater risk. Most sports, including football, horse racing, and tennis, have accumulators. However, bookmakers may prohibit you from mixing numerous sports into an accumulator.

Moreover, many people are tense to accumulators for two reasons. Most significantly, combining four or more different picks means that all of the individual odds combined. Also, potentially resulting in some incredible wins and odds. That is extremely tough to come by in traditional match betting.
The second aspect is the sheer thrill of being a part of so many distinct matches taking place at the same time around the country. During the football season, there may be more than 40 games starting at the same time on Saturdays at 3 p.m. In terms of prospective rewards. An accumulator bet can turn those routine lower league games into significant games.

The thrill of the prime goal of clinching your accumulator at the final minute is tough to match in sports betting. It is why accumulator betting is so famous in football. It’s popular in other sports as well but in recent years. It’s virtually synonymous with football culture.

How do accumulator bets work?

Some sportsbooks include doubles and trebles in their accumulator definitions. And there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. However, given that one of the most appealing aspects of accumulators is the ability to win big odds and potentially huge payouts. It seems more logical to concentrate on bets with four or more picks.

Imagine that each component of your bet, or ‘leg,’ comes off and pays out. Also, you then use the proceeds to place the next leg of your wager. So, if you’re placing an accumulator bet on Premier League football matches, your selections and odds might look like this:

*Everton is 3/1 to beat Aston Villa.
*On 4/1, Tottenham Hotspur will defeat Chelsea.
*On 3/1, Manchester United will defeat Manchester City.
*West Ham is 7/2 to beat Arsenal.

Assume you’ve bet 100 PHP on an aggregate bet that includes the outcomes listed. All of your picks must be right for your accumulator to pay off.

Your winnings will be computed as follows if all of your results come in:

*Your initial bet on Everton to beat Aston Villa returns 300 PHP (200 PHP wins plus your 100 PHP bet).
*This 300 PHP used to bet on the Tottenham vs. Chelsea match, which pays out 660 PHP (360 PHP winnings, plus your 300PHP stake).
*The 660 PHP goes to Manchester United if they beat Manchester City, and it becomes 1,160 PHP if they do.
*Finally, West Ham beat Arsenal in the London match, and your dreams come true: you’ve just multiplied your turn from 100 PHP to 2,160 PHP!

Moreover, accumulator bets are well known in sports, including tennis, cricket, American football, horse racing, and basketball.

It can be a better method to increase your love of new sports while allowing you to access some incredible odds and big jackpots.

Each-way accumulators and non-runners

Non-runners in accumulator betting mean that the relevant selection is remove from the accumulator. Also, the odds change accordingly. So, if your horse never ran or your football game postponed due to inclement weather, your wager is still valid, but the odds have altered.


Each-way accumulators have two bets: one on the winner and also one on the placement of the same option. If you have each-way bets in your accumulator, you will win the total amount if your place bets come true, but your chances will altered accordingly.


Each-way accumulators are the best procedure to enhance your accumulator’s odds of paying out, but they reduce the overall amount you can earn.

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